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Study abroad, work abroad, stay abroad or even tour to a foreign Country are some of the lucrative choices or opportunities for some individual’s life. In the same mode, exporting / trading with a foreign Country or to expand other commercial activity abroad are also some of the profitable business since long time. To complete the visa application process or export, the individual or company have to complete some visa or export related Document Attestation, Embassy Legalization or Certificate Apostille in India.

Abrodex Consultancy Services, a division of Abrodex India Private Limited is a authorized Certificate Apostille, Attestation, Embassy Legalization, Visa Stamping and Translation Service provider, located in Delhi and Kolkata. We complete all the visa, export and other business-related Commercial Document Attestation from concern Embassy in India. Our experienced professional team are very much capable to complete all the International Certificate Apostille, Attestation, Authentication and Embassy Legalization process.

Certificate Apostille Process in India

The process, time frame and cost involved in the process of Certificate Apostille, Attestation as well as Embassy Legalization in India depends on some different factors. The variable factors are type of document, place of issue as well as the country where the Certificate or Commercial Document need to submit. In India, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India is the final home country Attestation for abroad.

On the basis of International documentation for visa / immigration and export / trading, the documents are categorized in three different segments. These are
• Educational Documents like Schooling Certificates, Secondary / Higher Secondary Certificate, Diploma Certificate, Degree Certificate, Nursing Certificate etc.
• Non-educational or Personal Documents like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Experience Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), Death Certificate etc.
• Commercial Documents like Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading, GMP Certificate, Free Sale Certificate, Power of Attorney PoA) etc.

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. of India plays the crucial role for International Certification of India issued documents or certificates. MEA India completes two types of Certification, one is normal Attestation and another is ‘Apostille Attestation’. The Certificate Apostille is the final process for the countries which are the member of Hague Convention 1961. The MEA completes the Apostille or Attestation from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Guwahati etc. centers in India.

We at Abrodex Consultancy Services is dedicated to provide world class services to complete Certificate Apostille, Attestation from MEA India and also complete Embassy Legalization Services for all the Embassies and Consulates present in India. Our time committed, hassle-free and pocket friendly Apostille Attestation Services is continuously growing us towards the market leader in this field.

The India issued Document and Certificate Apostille, Attestation or Embassy Legalization will complete through numbers of steps and process. In the first step, the require document needs to be Attested or authenticated from the state level attestation department. The state level Attestation department of different states of India are different and the selection of the Attestation department will be done on the basis of type of document.

Educational Certificate Attestation in India

Educational Document Attestation

When someone wishes to complete an Educational Document Attestation for abroad, then the Certificate will be Attested from the Human Resource Department (HRD), Higher Education Department (HED) or Ministry of Education etc. of the respective state where the educational document has issued from. Apart from the mentioned state level attestation department, the High Commissioner of the respective Certificate issuing state present in New Delhi, India are also eligible to authenticate the Certificate.

Personal Document Attestation

The non-educational personal documents will Attest from the Home Department, Regional Attestation Center (RAC), General Administrative Department (GAD), etc. of the issuing states. Some state Attestation department also require a primary level Attestation from the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) or equivalent of the jurisdiction of issuing place of personal document like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Divorce Decree etc.

The Attestation of any type of document from the issuing state is the root process of Certificate Apostille Attestation and Legalization process for India issued document. The state level Attestation in India is a very much time consuming and hectic process. Moreover, some state attestation department requires the presence of the candidate, job offer letter etc. to overcome the difficulties, there are some alternative process of Attestation has announced by MEA, Govt. of India.

Mantralaya / Home Department Attestation

Alternatively, the first step of the Certificate Attestation may be completed from two locations with two different Attestation departments or signatories. The very old process of authentication is the Attestation from Home Department or Mumbai or Mantralaya Attestation. Basically, this process is applied on these documents which are require to be submitted for a non-HCC Country and require final Attestation from Embassy or Consulate of the destination Country in India.

Sub Divisional Magistrate Attestation, Delhi

When a document requires to submit in a Hague Conventional Country (HCC) then require document will be Apostille finally. To complete the Indian issued educational or personal document Apostille, the first step of the Attestation will be done from the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), NCRT- Delhi. After the Attestation from Sub Divisional Magistrate, NCT-Delhi, the document or certificate MEA Attestation will be done from MEA center Delhi only.

Commercial Document Attestation in India

Chambers of Commerce Attestation

The Commercial Document Attestation starts from the Attestation from Chambers of Commerce. The Chambers of Commerce Attestation may be completed from anywhere in India irrespective of the state of issue. In India, there are around 30 different authorized Chambers of Commerce organizations who are eligible for Commercial Document Attestation for export or commercial business activity abroad.

MEA Apostille Attestation

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government in India is the final certification department for India issued document require abroad. MEA completes two types of certification. One is Normal Attestation and another is Apostille Certification. If the destination country is a Hague Conventional Country (HCC), then the MEA Apostille of the document or Certificate will be done and it is the final Attestation from Home Government.

When a document is required to submit for a non-HCC Country then it will be Attested and Legalized from the Embassy or Consulate of the country. Then, irrespective of the type of document, it will be attested normally from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. of India. The MEA Attestation may be completed from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Guwahati etc. centers in India.

Degree Certificate Attestation from UAE Embassy

Embassy Attestation and Legalization

Embassy Attestation or Legalization from Consulate of the destination country present in India is the final process of India issued document for International use. Irrespective of the state of issue, the Embassy Legalization is a mandatory process for any type of document which will use for a non-HCC Country. However, Commercial Document Embassy Attestation or Legalization also need to be completed for all the countries also those are the members of HCC.

Abrodex Consultancy Services is a reputed and professional Certificate Apostille, Attestation, Embassy Legalization, Visa Stamping and Translation Service provider engaged in this field for more than 6 years. We complete all kind of Attestation like State Level Attestation, Chambers of Commerce Attestation, MEA Apostille Attestation and Embassy Legalizations from all embassies present in India. Our competitive charges with committed service delivery made us a premium Attestation Agency in India.

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Certificate Attestation Services

When someone is applying a visa, then the candidate has to complete some of their personal document and Certificate Attestation is required from the concern authority and departments.

MEA Apostille Services

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India is the supreme authority for MEA Apostille in India. The MEA Apostille is required for those countries who are the members of HCC.

Embassy Legalization Services

When a destination Country is not a Hague Conventional Country then all the require documents for visa or export purposes will be Legalized from Embassy or Consulate of the country in India.

Translation Services

Some Countries require translation of India issued documents into their national languages. Translation will be done from Embassy authorized translators in India after Attestation.

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